State Charter Advantages

Message from the Commissioner:

The Office of the State Bank Commissioner was founded in 1891 and continues to offer over a century's experience in ensuring the fair and reliable supervision of state chartered financial institutions.
I was pleased to be appointed Commissioner in March, 2014 by Governor Brownback. I am committed to providing Kansas financial institutions accessibility and responsiveness. It's a challenge to be on the "other side of the desk", but I believe that my experience from both sides enables me to bring insight and understanding to the role of the Commissioner. As a former banker with almost 50 years of experience, I know what Kansas bankers face on a daily basis.
Our examining staff is stationed in seven offices throughout the state. In addition to their examining experience, they also have knowledge of local and regional economic conditions, which enables them to work closely with individual banks and communities. I encourage feedback from Kansas bankers concerning our examination procedures and have received comments such as "Seasoned, experienced examiners are your department's biggest asset." We continually review our processes and help to ensure that the OSBC provides a competitive alternative. I assure you the one-size-fits-all is not a sentiment that is practiced by state supervision.

Agency Philsophy:

The Office of the State Bank Commissioner embraces equitable treatment of regulated institutions, and strives to maintain the highest ethical and professional standards. We believe the maintenance of sound state-chartered financial institutions and the public's confidence in them is of vital importance to our state's economy. We strive to incorporate regulatory responsibilities, education, preservation of the dual banking system, and promotion of the public trust in all agency activities. We undertake our responsibilities and goals with a deep sense of commitment to the State of Kansas, its citizens, and the institutions we regulate.

State Charter Advantages:

  • The Commissioner and regulatory staff are very accessible in Topeka.
  • The Agency and Commissioner are focused on Kansas banking issues and needs.
  • The Commissioner is supportive of the dual banking system, which ensures market competitiveness among banks.
  • Policy changes are requested at the state, not national level.
  • Bank/Trust assessments are considerably lower than national banks.
  • Decisions are made locally, on a case-by-case basis, in an expedient manner.
  • Lobbying efforts are targeted to state, not national, legislators.
  • Directors are not required to own qualifying shares.
  • The Agency's supervisory methods and examination staff meet the highest national standards.
  • The field examiners and office staff are highly trained and very experienced.
  • The OSBC offers a flexible and efficient examination process.
  • The OSBC assures a single point state contact with home state/host state supervisory protocol agreements.